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Attitude is a matter

Tune your attitude always

To your parents :Be as Servant

When you are being with your parents, align your attitude as a servant. Hear and accept their speech and actions even if you have different opinions. Politely share your opinions with their permissions. What you give now and will come to you later.. Sure. So take care and advise your mind and set your mind. I don't think it is easier one, but the good things will not come in easier manner.  

To your spouse : Be as Collaborator
To your kids : Be as Preceptor 
To your employment :Be as Earner 
To your social :Be as Helper
To your inside : Be as Investigator

The Earth Said : O Bhagavan, the Supreme Lord! How can unflinching devotion arise in him who is immersed in his Prarabdha Karmas (worldly life), O Lord?

Lord Krishna replied: Though engaged in the performance of worldly duties, one who is regular in the study of the Gita becomes free. He is the happy man in this world. He is not bound by Karma.

What we have to learn from this.
The bigg…
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Six qualities to monitor

Six qualities - start to listen now and ever
In spite of all the problems that lead us away from the path of the piece, let us discover the source of the problems.

We will closely monitor the six qualities to rule ourselves. These qualities mean to us whenever changes occur to us and to others, so we shall take care of the consequences today.
Lust AngerGreediness DelusionArrogance Jealousy 
Lust - Insatiable ever
Here we can classify two types of lust
The first one lust is approved by the Society  (relationship caused by marriage by parents) at right time complements peaceful state of mind when it will lead us to happiness.

The second type of lust creates the fear because it comes with anger and easily start antagonism. We need to stay away from this type of lust as it is insatiable ever also this type of lust is the greatest enemy in the world.

Aware of fear

Aware of Fear

Fear is just about one quality of our mind. Its rays sometimes fully occupied in our mind and we get no way to do anything this is the way we get mind stress and unstable with what we have to do.

Why Fear

The expectation with upcoming things  or attaching with upcoming things and thinking about the completion or result of upcoming tasks.


1) We must agree about the fact that yesterday never come and tomorrow never defined one. So live with the moment.

2) Never attach with anything. Plan your tasks and do your tasks gracefully, constantly, concentration without expect anything. Because here expectation causes the reason of Fear.

3) If Fear, stop all the thing. Think about the Fear. How it exists and what is the reason. How to push out the Fear. After pushed out continue your work.

4) Don't let it allow to occupy the fear in your mind instead your mind govern the fear like things.